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How do you manage?

It seems that the very act of writing things out unlocks some power and projects it into the atmosphere. Whether it's a large or small idea, there's said to be power in the pen. Do you agree?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not always the best at writing my ideas down. Nor am I the perfect planner (not by far). Oh, and that organization thing... let's just say, I'm a work in progress. However, when it comes to work. I have grease boards, expo markers, notebooks, and other doodads that I can't live without.

Earlier this year, I decided to do something a little different. I met with a friend and spent a day at my local Panera Bread (because who doesn't want to spend a day at Panera, right?! We decided to book the conference room and work on vision boards. Have you ever done one? If not, you should and here's why.

Together, we talked, strategized, and developed our own master plans which we organized into tri-fold foam board crafts that our mothers would be proud of. Sure, they looked like a 5th grade school project, but the power that they unleashed was amazing.

I won't share the intricate details of my board (or hers), because I don't want you to feel the pressure of having to live up to my masterpiece. However there's no right or wrong way to do it - it's really what ever appeals to you.

Back to the point: I charted aggressive goals (some VERY aggressive) and by the end of first quarter I'd already accomplished about 90% of them. WOW! Right?! Let me tell you, there is definitely power in the pen and I encourage you to write them down and watch them unfold right before your eyes.

I'd like to hear how you manage your ideas, what keeps you organized, what strategies you have to see that your strategies come to life?

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